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The Midwest Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society covers the geography of eight states in the upper midwest. Although the climate and soil conditions do vary across the several states, there are numerous similarities. In particular, warmer sun during the summer and much colder temperatures in the winter months. Further the soil often exhibits a pH above 7.0 with heavy clay content. This presents some unique challenges for our gardeners coupled with the fact that there is not sufficient information available on a local basis to inform individuals how to plant and grow these plants. The Board of the Midwest Chapter has commissioned a series of videos explaining how to Grow and Plant Rhododendrons in the eight states that represent our chapter. Additional videos will be added over time to cover other important attributes unique to these beautiful plants. Long-time rhododendron grower Edwin Nyquist produced these videos.

Lesson 1: Site Selection
Lesson 2: Rhododendron soil preparation
Lesson 3: Rhododendron nomenclature and selection
Lesson 4: Planting rhododendrons
Lesson 5: Watering rhododendrons and azaleas
Lesson 6: Fertilizing your rhododendrons
Lesson 7: Diseases and insects affecting rhododendrons and azaleas

Videos from Roger Dunlap’s garden, Traverse City MI
Lesson 8: Roger Dunlap’s garden
Lesson 8b: Dexter hybrids
Lesson 8c: Additional hybrids
Lesson 8d: Fertilizing rhododendrons in Roger’s garden
Lesson 8e: Garden video

Lesson 1: Site Selection

Soil Preparation

Nomenclature and Selection


Watering Rhododendrons and Azaleas

Fertilizing Your Rhododendrons

Diseases and Insects Affecting Rhododendrons

Lesson 8, Roger Dunlap's Garden, Traverse City, Michigan. Tx ; Ted Nyquist (630-215-5022)

Lesson 8b. Roger Dunlap's Garden, Traverse City MIDexter Hybridsby Edwin Nyquist

Lesson 8c Roger Dunlap Traverse City, MichiganAdditional Hybrids in his garden

Lesson 8d Growing Rhododendrons in the Upper MidwestRoger Dunlap's Garden Fertilizing Rhododendronsby Edwin Nyquist

Lesson 8e Roger Dunlap, Traverse City, Michigan, Garden Videosby Edwin Nyquist