This section includes a listing of the many cultivars grown by chapter members and includes photos when available. Location where each photo was taken is included as additional reference.

The photos are categorized in two sections, Hybrids and Species. The hybrid section includes separate lists of Elepidotes (large leaf rhododendrons), Lepidotes (small leaf rhododendrons), Evergreen Azaleas and Deciduous Azaleas.

Good Doer
Cultivars identified, as “Good Doers” are varieties chapter members have grown successfully for many years in the Midwest under a wide range of climate extremes. Good Doers are identified clearly as you navigate through the photos and are good choices for novices. Plants not identified as a Good Doer generally are newer varieties not grown long enough by our members to fully evaluate.

We made a concentrated effort to include images that are color accurate and representative of the plants but one can expect some color variation due to camera equipment and computer display settings.

Plant descriptions are approximate and can vary dependent on local climate and soil conditions. Visit the ARS web site for additional plant information.