I have had considerable success with PJMs rhodos (2 slightly different color variations) and   also with April Snow rhodos.   I would like to source some additional April Snows; however it seems that local retailers do not carry (although I found them here in Minnesota – 55047).   I see them in the Northeast states.   Some horticultural friends said that if they are marginally hardy, they might not be carried here.   I’m in a zone 4 and -20 to -30 is fairly common; however the 6 that I have are amazingly healthy (and beautiful) – they are easily 5 feet tall now and have been in the same location for likely 20+ years (they are in an understory of an old red pine grove).   I’m looking for more of the April Snow.   I haven’t specifically asked Bachman’s (or others) to order them for me but they and many retailers where I have inquired just say they don’t carry them.  I can successfully propagate the PJMs but not so much with the April Snow.

Any suggestions?


Jim R.
Washington County, Minnesota


          Hello Jim,

Regarding your acquisition of April Snow, this is an old hybrid that seems to have disappeared from the commercial landscape.  I, too, have had this plant here (in a Chicago suburb) for 25 years. I have been trying to replace April Rose (a related hybrid) for three years with no luck.

You will have to search mail order nurseries to locate one.  Two Nurseries you can call directly are Rosebay Nursery – Saugatuck, Michigan and W. W. Nurseries – Indiana, Pennsylvania, a Nursery which specializes in propagating rhododendron cuttings.  After that, search the Web.  Rarefind Nursery, Whitney Gardens & Nursery and Van Veen Nursery come to mind.

The problem is that generally, Nurseries move on to the latest and greatest hybrid and drop the oldest.  Although these Nurseries may feature newer hybrids, the older hybrids tend to be more reliable.

You may have to rely on cuttings from your plant which you can send to W. W. Nurseries or Van Veen Nursery for propagation.

John Golab
Midwest chapter and District 11 Director-ARS